How to install the Front Grille on your Smart 453

This is a close up photo of a white Front Grille installed on a Smart Fortwo 453.

Whether you own a Smart Fortwo 453 or a Smart Forfour 453, on this page you will find all the appropriate instructions to successfully install the Front Grille of Smart Power Design. If you recently have bought the Front Grille for your Smart car please read below the detailed instructions. Installation All work should be […]

Accessories for the new Smart Fortwo/ Forfour 453

These are Chrome Rings which can be installed on the Ventes, at the interior of your Smart Fortwo 453.

Have you recently bought the new Smart Fortwo 453 or the new Smart Forfour 453 and you want to customize it a little bit? For the exterior of your car there is a simple affordable and quite stylish solution! Below, you can view the Front Grille that it can be installed on both Smart Fortwo […]

The Side Air Scoop available for your Smart Fortwo 453

This is a white Side Air Scoop installed on a Smart Fortow 453.

Have you recently bought the new Smart Fortwo 453 and you want to customize it a little bit? Well, Smart Power Design has the solution for you. Now, you can get the most fascinating, stylish and high quality accessories for your Smart Fortwo 453 by Smart Power Design. At this post you will find the […]

Wishes from Smart Power Design

Smart Power Design wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Greeting you warmly with a wish that’s sincere for a healthy happy Year with wonderful days. Our web development Team produced the video below! We hope that you like it. If you really did like it subscribe to us because more videos […]


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About us

Smart Power Design founded in 2004. Since then, it operates in the field of Smart car tuning. There have been created a lot of Smart Fortwo accessories both for the interior and the exterior of the Smart car. The most accessories and products are for Smart Fortwo 451 ( W451) and Smart Fortwo 450 ( […]

How Smart Power Design produces

These are the Side Skirts for Smart Fortwo 450 by Smart Power Design. It has also been installed the Side Air Scoop.

It’s always good to know how a product from scratch it becomes real in Smart Power Design. At this post, Smart Power Design ( or SPD) let you go in its heart and see the production of a product and much more. First of all,  every potential product is coming through the Design’s Department. There, the […]