Smart Body Kit Smart Fortwo 451






This is a Bodykit for Smart Fortwo 451 model. This Bodykit is compatible with Smart Fortwo cars manufactured from 2007 until today. It consists of a Front Spoiler, two Side Skirts and a rear spoiler. The material that is manufactured from is ABS resulting to high quality products such as the Bodykit manufactured by Smart Power Design. It is designed to fit perfectly by removing the existing spoilers of your Smart Fortwo car.

The installation is quite easy. So, you can do it either by yourself or at a car garage. Moreover, the package you are about to receipt includes an installation manual that is going to guide you through the installation part. Also , all the essential equipment such as screws, metal brackets and stretch grill are included.

In case your Smart Fortwo Car has a center exhaust at the rear spoiler, we can modify the Rear Spoiler that you are going to order to be compatible with the exhaust you have installed. Plus, you can select the color of the Body Kit. It’s available in River Silver, Jack Black, White and Other Color. You can see the available colors of the choice “Other” below. If you select “Other” as color, we need to know your chassis number. For example WME451…

The “Other” available colors are: CHERRY RED CODE ECF, ACTIVE BLUE METALLIC CODE EAA, WARM GREY CODE ECG, ENERGY GREEN METALLIC MATT CODE ECD, LIGHT YELLOW CODE EAL, RED METALLIC CODE EAY, BLUE METALLIC CODE ECC. Please leave us a note or send us an email the color if you pick “Other” and the code.

The codes of the colors are:

  • River Silver color code: EAD
  • Jack Black / Deep Black, color code: ECA
  • Crystal white, color code: EA

This the user manual that shows you how to install the Smart Power Design’s Body kit on your Smart Fortwo 451.


This is a Bodykit for Smart Fortwo 451 model. This Smart Fortwo Bodykit consists of a Front Spoiler, two Side Skirts and a rear spoiler which can be modified. Start your Smart tuning with this high quality Bodykit manufactured by Smart Power Design. Now, the Smart Fortwo Body Kit is available in a big variety of colors.