Side Air Intake Scoop Smart Fortwo 451

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This is official Smart Power Design's Side Air Intake Scoop available for Smart Fortwo 451. Now, the Side Scoop is available in 3 different colors and a custom finish ( Carbon).



This is official Smart Power Design’s Side Air Intake Scoop. It’s a pretty usefull and good looking Smart Fortwo Accessory. It took lots of hours for the engineers of Smart Power Design to design the Side Scoop because they like to achieve all the goals. These goals are high quality product,  aerodynamic shape, easy installation, perfect fit, important role for the air intake of the Smart Car’s engine. After a lot of project, the specialists decide this to be the Smart Power Design Side Air Intake Scoop. The opening in the front of the side scoop is as big as it should be in order to bring more air into the engine area. The more air and oxygen as well you have into the engine, the better fuel combustion you will have. In addition to this, the Smart Fortwo 451 gains more horsepower as the fuel combustion becomes more efficient with the presence of more oxygen. Moreover, as the fuel combustion becomes more effiecient there is some fuel economy resulting to less production of CO2. So, this is a way to protect the enviroment now that it need us to take care of it.

The installation is simple and also a manual as is always included is here to help you with the installation of this Smart Fortwo accessory. Also, the manual is available online and you can see or download it from below. What is more, Smart Power Design gives the opportunity to select the color of the Side Air Intake Scoop. You can choose from River Silver, Jack Black and White Color as well as Carbon finish (Look Carbon), too.

The codes of the colors are:

  • River Silver color code: EAD
  • Jack Black / Deep Black, color code: ECA
  • Crystal white, color code: EA

You can view the Side Air Intake Scoop’s installation manual here.

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Weight1.00 kg


River Silver, Jack Black, White, Look Carbon

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