Roads have been flooded with luscious vehicles that are called Smart. Those cars have stolen the hearts of everyone. This is due to their small size, their distinctive design and low fuel consumption. Of course, such a city car could never have the absolute performance, nor even a very sporty look. This is where Smart Power Design comes.
The mechanical improvement of the Smart is done by reprogramming the ECU. The program of Smart Power Design manages to achieve an increase in horsepower and torque of the Smart motor. Smart Power Design is active in the field of car refinishing products and accessories and specializes in aesthetic and mechanical improvements of Smart models.

Trust your Smart car to the specialists

Smart 450 0,7cc

Smart 450 0,7cc with ECU tuned by Smart Power Design

The mechanical improvement of Smart has been done by re-programming the ECU. Depending on engine capacity, this program increases the performance. So in the 0.6 l Smart Fortwo, the increment is from 54 and 61 horsepower to 80 and 85 horsepower respectively after the upgrade. While in the Smart 0.7 l is from 61 hp the performance tos 85 or 96 horsepower. MAX POWER is a Greek auto magazine which wrote an article featuring our Smart cars with the upgraded ECU. They were stunned by the results and they loved to drive our cars again and again!

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