Side Skirts Smart Fortwo 451

295.00 inc. VAT

Add some more value to your Smart Fortwo 451 by installing the Smart Power Design Side Skirts. Now, the side skirts are available in different colors.



Add some more value to your Smart Fortwo 451 by installing the Side Skirts. Smart Power Design has designed these Side Skirts so as to fit perfectly on your Smart Car. Moreover, they are unique and aerodynamic. You don’t have to worry about the installation. Smart Power Design has taken care of it. So, a free manual is always included. The installation can be done either by a garage service or by yourself as the manual has very descriptive step-by-step instructions. The “Other” available colors are: CHERRY RED CODE ECF, ACTIVE BLUE METALLIC CODE EAA, WARM GREY CODE ECG, ENERGY GREEN METALLIC MATT CODE ECD, LIGHT YELLOW CODE EAL, RED METALLIC CODE EAY, BLUE METALLIC CODE ECC. Please leave us a note or send us an email the color if you pick “Other” and the code.

Click here to view the manual.

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