Side Air Intake Scoop Smart Fortwo 450

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This is official Smart Power Design’s Side Air Intake Scoop available for Smart Fortwo 450.



This is official Smart Power Design’s Side Air Intake Scoop for Smart Fortwo 450. The benefits of installing this Smart Fortwo Accessory are many. Firstly, it has an aerodynamic shape resulting to better air intake into the engine. That helps the engine to burn the fuel more effieciently. So, the mix is richer in Oxygen and there is some fuel economy, too. Secondly, it gains more horsepower. Last but not least the fuel consumption is more efficient resulting to less need of fuel, that decrease in the need of fuel with less production of CO2, the less production of CO2 the more protection of the enviroment. The Side Air Intake Scoop for Smart Fortwo 450 includes also a free manual in printed form with step-by-step instructions for the installation. In addition to, the manual is available in online format ( pdf) and downloadable from below.

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