Rings Set Smart Fortwo 450

12.3041.00 inc. VAT

Smart Power Design gives you the opportunity to decorate almost every button of your Smart Fortwo 450 with Smart Fortwo Accessories in Chrome finish. Please, select the rings set that you believe it suits your Smart Car best.



This is a Ring Set for Smart Fortwo 450. The Rings are in Chrome finish. Firstly, you have to choose whether your Smart Car has 2 or 4 buttons around the Lock/Unlock Button. Then, you can select to purchase more Smart Fortwo Accessories in Chrome finish by adding the Rings for the Speakers and the Rings for the Window’s button. The first Ring’s Set consists of  2 or 4 rings depending on the buttons your Smart Car has. The Ring’s Set for the Speakers consists of 2 pieces as well as the Rings Kit for the Window’s button. Also, if you get 3 ring’s sets you get a discount.

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