Rear Spoiler Smart Fortwo 450

100.00220.00 inc. VAT

Install now the Rear Spoiler for Smart Fortwo 450 available in 2 styles by Smart Power Design. It’s compatible with Smart Fortwo 450 Brabus Edition. Please read below for more.



This is official Smart Power Design’s Rear Spoiler for Smart Fortwo 450. It’s available in 2 different colors, River Silver and Jack Black, as well as in 2 different styles, Style 1 and Style 2. Choose what you like most but it’s going to be difficult to decide which one is better. It’s made of ABS. Moreover, Smart Power Design gives you the convinience of purchasing the Rear Spoiler with the centre part of it removed as you can see from the specific photo in this product’s photo gallery ( only for Style 2 Spoiler). We can remove it due to the fact that some Smart Fortwo Owners has the Brabus edition and want to change their spoiler and some other do have or they are planning to install a centre exhaust. With the Spoiler, you will find a free manual in printed format which is available from below, too, in pdf ( online) format.

Check out the video below with the installation tutorial of the Rear Spoiler.

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