Front Spoiler with Daytime Running Lights Smart Fortwo 451

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This is a Front Spoiler with Daytime Running Lights also installed on it. It can be installed on every Smart Fortwo model W451 constructed from 04/2007 to 04/2012. It is available in a big variety of colors. Choose yours!



This is the Front Spoiler with Daytime Running Lights. It is fully compatible with Smart Fortwo W451 models manufactured from 04/2007 to 04/2012. This Smart Front Spoiler is ideal for those you want to keep the fog lights installed on their Smart Fortwo Car because there is no requirement to uninstall them due to the fact there is place for the Daytime Running Lights on the Front Spoiler, as you can see at the images. The material that it comes from is ABS. The speciality of this material ( ABS ) is the shape that it can take for perfect fit on your Smart Fortwo car. This is why they use it so much.

As for the Daytime Running Lights you should not have any worries. They turn on automatically by the start of the engine. The LED lights give extremely high quality lighting as they consist of 18 LED bulb each of the two. The driving becomes much more easier as you don’t have to lower the LED lights in the night. As you switch on the Dipped beam lights, the Daytime Running Lights lower their beam automatically. Another advantage is that they have low battery consumption. Plus, you don’t have to worry about water because they are 100% waterproof. All the Daytime Running Lights meet the European road rules ( R87 and E11 ).

The Front Spoiler is available in a variety of colors. The only thing you have to do is to leave a note with your order telling us the color of your desire and the chassis number of your Smart Fortwo W451. For example, ( WME451…).

The “Other” available colors are: CHERRY RED CODE ECF, ACTIVE BLUE METALLIC CODE EAA, WARM GREY CODE ECG, ENERGY GREEN METALLIC MATT CODE ECD, LIGHT YELLOW CODE EAL, RED METALLIC CODE EAY, BLUE METALLIC CODE ECC. Please leave us a note or send us an email the color if you pick “Other” and the code.

The codes of the colors are:

  • River Silver color code: EAD
  • Jack Black / Deep Black, color code: ECA
  • Crystal white, color code: EA

Here is the Manual for the Front Spoiler with Daytime Running Lights Smart Fortwo 451.

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