Frames Set Accessories Smart Fortwo 450

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In Smart Power Design’s eshop there are available a lot of Smart Fortwo Accessories to tune the interior of the Smart Fortwo 450 like these Frames which are being installed on the gauges of the Smart Car. Now, they are available in different finishes as well as sets.



Smart Power Design also helps you to tune the interior of your Smart Car. This is a set of Frames for Aircondition “balls”, Clock’s Gauge and Tachometer’s Gauge. These Smart Fortwo Accessories are compatible with Smart Fortwo 450 and make the interior of Smart Car shining more. The Frames are available in different finishes for example, chrome, chrome mat, nickel black, nickel mat and aluminum. The set consist of 4 pieces, 2 for the Aircondition “balls”, 1 for the Clock’s Gauge and 1 for the Tachometer’s Gauge. However, you can choose separately.

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