Daytime Running Lights Smart Fortwo 451

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Smart Power Design offers you the essential for every new car, Daytime Running Lights' Kit available for Smart Fortwo 451.



Smart Power Design gives you a cheap but quality  option to obtain the DRL. These are the Daytime Running Lights available for Smart Fortwo 451 ( models from 04/2007 without fog lights). Let’s remember why the Daytime Running Lights are so essential. They are made mainly for the safety of the road users. They give high luminosity as they consist of 18 LED light bulbs. Automatically they turn on when the engine starts. Also,they automatically lower their beam when the Low Beam Lights are turned on. As for the power consumptions is extemely low. You don’t have to worry about them in the wet weather conditions as they are 100% waterproof. They fully imply the European Driving Legislation specificallythe R87 and E11 rules. The DRL kit is designed to replace the stock grills or the stock Fog lights.. To install the Smart DRL ( Daytime Running Lights) you just have to follow some instructions. So, the installation can be done either by you or a garage service. There is always included a manual with instruction step by step as well as a pdf manual at the bottom of the page. Now, there are available in black or white color.

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