A.C. Balls Smart Fortwo 450

119.00 inc. VAT

Smart Power Design gives you another choice for the interior of your Smart Car with this Smart Fortwo Accessory. The A.C.'s Balls are available in 5 different finish. Choose what you like most and let your Smart Fortwo 450 shine more.



Smart Power Design offers you a lot of choices for the interior tuning of your Smart Car.  Replace now the stock A.C.’s balls with Smart Power Design’s original ones and let your Smart Fortwo 450 interior shine more. The A.C.’s balls are available in different finishes like Chrome, Chrome Mat, Nickel Black, Nickel Mat and Aluminum to choose from them what you do like most. Moreover, the A.C.’s balls are quite unique because you can rotate them 180° so as you can use it as cupholder and keep your drink cold or warm ( see the pictures in the product’s Gallery). The A.C.’s balls comes at a very good price and the set includes 2 pieces.

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